Iridology Image Guide

In order to perform the reading of your eye using Iridology,  we require an image of your eye. It is very important to the process that a clear image is provided. 

Please send it as an attachment to the e-mail address below prior to your scheduled Human Optimization Session:

Below are some useful tips when trying to capture an image of your eye:

• You only need a clear image of a single eye.

• The image should be taken as close to the face as possible and focused only on the eye. If other facial features are visible in the image, such as the entirety of the nose or the other eye, then the camera was likely too far away. Just 1 inch around the eye at most.

• Hold the eyelids open with your fingers and look directly into the camera.

• If you have difficulty taking the photograph, try asking someone to take it for you or use a mirror and capture a picture of the reflection.

• Ensure that you have sufficient lighting so it is possible to see details, sometimes using a secondary light source, meaning a flashlight or light from another phone held by someone else makes it very easy to capture the perfect image.

Any questions? Please e-mail Ron Michael at

Examples of Acceptable Images

Closeup of eye
Closeup of eye