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Realign your Mind-Body-Spirit with our Human Optimization Blueprint program

Low energy, lack of concentration, fatigue, body pain, and digestive discomfort can all be symptoms of the modern-day environmental stresses we are all experiencing. Upgrade and Optimize today with our Human Optimization Blueprint program.

What is our Human Optimization Blueprint program?

It is a non-invasive multi-step process designed to upgrade ones overall health through a combination of testing, herbal support, and diet. It helps activate your body's innate ability to self regulate and heal itself, bringing everything back into alignment.

Combination Testing

Through a combination of advanced bioenergetic information field analysis and iridology we are able to identify underlying issues and the precise diet and herbal combination formulas your body requires to give you maximum results. Frequency testing is also used to determine the effectiveness of your current supplements and suitability of water sources. All forms of testing are non-invasive and can be conducted remotely.

Herbal Support

Our herbal formulas are like none other available in the world, as they are combined and portioned using harmonic resonance, frequency tuning, and ionic balancing. They are carefully selected and combined with each other to create the most optimal synergy for achieving their goals in the shortest period of time.

The herbal support system works with nature in 3-month cycles. The 3 step process is Cleanse, Repair, and Upgrade and Optimize, and is designed to address the three major areas for which your body's requesting support: Gut Health Upgrade, Organ and Gland Support, and Mineral Balance. Targeting these three things will activate the body's innate intelligence to heal itself in the most optimal and efficient way possible.

Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is part of living healthy. Our program provides clients with a greater understanding of what foods are not currently serving their body well and how to improve their dietary intake.

Benefits of Human Optimization Blueprint

  • Know the root cause of imbalances in your body and what you need to do to bring your body back into alignment.
  • Know organ and gland capacities.
  • Know exactly what foods aren't working for you.
  • Herbal formulas and supplements suggested specifically for you and your situation.
  • Know how to improve your dietary intake by understanding exactly what isn't working for your body at this time.
  • Determine the effectiveness of your current supplements based upon your situation.
  • Know whether your water sources and intake are suitable for you.
  • Achieve optimal health and vitality.

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